Ready with mobile technology to create a safer New Zealand.

NZ Police have always been quick to investigate new ways of making communities safer. Now they are putting the latest mobile technology into the hands of frontline Police officers.

Just as mobile applications, tablets and smartphones have helped private sector organisations increase productivity, they are supporting frontline officers in their operations and enabling a smarter use of Police resources. But that’s just the beginning. This new approach to communications, delivered by Vodafone’s mobile network, is set to deliver huge operational savings that can be reinvested in frontline policing.

What they did differently

Vodafone has committed to providing mobile services for 6,500 frontline officers. The 10-year contract includes the latest smartphones and no fewer than 3,900 tablets. Connected to Vodafone’s nationwide high-speed network, this carefully planned deployment offers the reliability and functionality today’s Police officers need.

The Vodafone link delivers far more than just devices and a network. In addition, Vodafone has set up a bespoke application development centre in co-operation with NZ Police.

Officers on patrol now have access to high-speed data and innovative applications that run on the smartphones and tablets. New Zealand’s most mobile workforce is better equipped than ever to react in real time. But perhaps the most astonishing development is the way Vodafone’s approach unleashes massive savings through greater efficiency. The deployment of mobile technology is forecast to deliver productivity savings of more than 520,000 hours per year (based on a trial involving 106 Police staff in four districts). Equivalent to 30 minutes per person per shift, this productivity dividend is now being re-invested in frontline crime prevention.

This transformational partnership forms part of the All of Government framework designed to help Government agencies transform how they interact with citizens and reduce their total cost of communications.

How we helped the New Zealand Police get ready for the future

Bringing the latest mobile tools to Police staff nationwide. The Vodafone contract is equipping New Zealand’s most mobile workforce with the latest smartphones and tablets.

Excellent network availability. Vodafone’s two-layer 2G and 3G network offers levels of speed and reliability.

Helping make policing smarter than ever. Vodafone brings the latest technology, unique network features and a bespoke application development centre especially for New Zealand Police.

520,000 hours annual productivity gains. In a world where organisations are constantly asked to work more efficiently, Police are reaping measurable benefits. This productivity dividend is being reinvested in frontline policing.

Productivity gains of $304 million. Field trials identified productivity gains of 30 minutes per officer per shift, a gain of 520,000 each year.

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