Your drivetrain is made up of your crankset, chainrings, derailleurs, pulley wheels, cassette and a chain. All of these parts wear out as you ride, degrading the quality of your shifting.

Show your bike some love. Have your local bike shop check your drivetrain for wear to make sure you are getting the most out of your ride.


You only touch your bike in three places, the handlebars, the pedals, and the saddle. If each of these touchpoints isn't just right, you could be sacrificing comfort and/or performance

Make sure your touchpoints are dialed in so you can get the most out of your rides this season.


We don't often think about the cables, housing and brake pads on our bicycles, but these small parts can make a big difference in how well our bikes work.

The average rider should replace their cables and housing onc ea year, preferably in the spring when the harsh winter weather has subsided.



They say slower is smoother and smoother is faster. Getting the most out of a descent can begin with slowing your bike down at exactly the right time, but that may not be possible if your brakes need service.

Learn how to identify when it's time to replace your brake pads, and why it's important to have your brakes bled and fluid flushed regularly so you can have confidence in your bike all season long!


It's a good idea to replace your cleats once a year to keep your cleat engagement consistent.

Make sure the three touchpoints on your bike are dialed so you aren't sacrificing comfort and performance on your rides!


Your drivetrain components work together as your shift cables are pulled through the shifting housing to turn a click of the shifter into a gear shift of the derailleur at the other end of the bike.

We don't often think about the cables and housing on our bicycles, but these small parts can make a big difference in how well our bike works.

SHIMANO recommends that you get your bike worked on by a professional mechanic at your local bike shop. Mechanics at our SHIMANO SERVICE CENTERS are up to date on all of our latest technologies and can provide the highest quality service.