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1. Galaxies emit all types of electromagnetic waves. Which type of electromagnetic wave has the shortest wavelength?

2. In Hinduism, Brahma is the...

3. The probability that a biased coin lands on heads is ⅔. The coin is spun twice. What is the probability of two heads?

4. An odd number is between 90 and 100. It is a multiple of 7. What is it?

5. A person standing at the side of the road, as a lorry goes past, hears the sound from the lorry’s air horn change pitch. What determines the pitch of a sound?

6. Each of the following is a metaphor except:

7. The centre of each atom is called the…

8. “My uncle lives happily in beautiful countryside.” In the sentence above, the adjective is:

9. Solve 3x = 36

10. When exposed to a hot non-luminous flame (a flame test) sodium ions produce which colour?

11. Most water enters a plant through…

12. At the end of a star's life cycle it is known as a...

13. The Sun is 73% hydrogen and 25% helium. The rest is other elements. What is the percentage of other elements in the Sun?

14. Which one of the following is not a renewable energy source?

15. Which of these is used to work out density?

16. What is the PH of water?

17. What expression is equal to x + x + x – x + x?

18. Described as one of the most beautiful flags of the Commonwealth, can you name which country it represents?

19. Which of these is not a moon of Mars?

20. Mr. Jason Rushworth, buys 4 oranges and 5 bananas. The total cost is £3.70. Each orange costs 35p. Work out the cost in pence of each banana.

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