Prepare for the future today through Māori Cultural awareness training

For nearly 40 years, Te Wānanga o Aotearoa has provided educational opportunities rich in mātauranga Māori. Many of our graduates are now leaders in revitalising this taonga and working to help organisations improve their engagement with te Ao Māori.

Instead of the outdated idea that te reo is of no value, it is increasingly becoming the case that knowledge and familiarity of te reo and tikanga Māori is both a required and treasured skill.

We’re proud to offer opportunities for your organisation to grow your own skills and ensure both you and your organisation are well prepared for the increasing role te Ao Māori will play in the future of Aotearoa by building citizenship and nationhood.

Enables staff to see the organisation and themselves through a mātauranga Māori lens

Staff become more familiar and comfortable with both using and understanding Māori values in their roles.

Staff engagement improves and the opportunity to develop lasting and meaningful relationships with clients.

We are commited to support corporates on their bi-cultural objectives and aim to assist organisations to grow their capability in te ao Māori, te reo Māori, tikanga and kaupapa Māori.

We have a range of programmes suitable for our corporate clients or we can tailor make a programme to suit you.

Download corporate prospectus here.

If you would like to be contacted to discuss options for a tailor made option for your organisation, get in touch with us.

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