Canada's a pretty cool place with lots to see and do from coast to coast.

Here's your chance to see how much you know about the arctic beauty of the Northwest Territories.

Don't worry if you get some answers wrong, you'll learn a lot along the way (and you can always take the quiz again and again and again...)!

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If you visit the Northwest Territories, you can see the Northern Lights up in the sky. They are the most visible here than anywhere on Earth! How many days of the year can you see them?

Photo by Joon Im licensed CC BY-ND

The Northwest Territories is home to Canada's largest national park — Wood Buffalo National Park. It is so big, that it stretches from the Northwest Territories into which other neighbouring province or territory?

Wikimedia/Alan & Elaine Wilson/CC BY-SA

What is the capital of the Northwest Territories?

Even though there are only about 44,000 people in all of the Northwest Territories, it's a multilingual place. That means that they have a lot of official languages other than English and French. How many do you think they have?

Wikimedia/Daniel Case/CC BY-SA

Every winter, a big snow castle appears on a frozen lake in Yellowknife for everyone to enjoy

Photo by taxxon2705 licensed CC BY-NC

It's a Canadian tradition — you can buy Timbits from as far north as Iqaluit, Nunavut, to as far south as Kingsville, Ontario. How many Tim Hortons do you think there are in the Northwest Territories?

Photo credit: Calgary Reviews on Visual Hunt / CC BY

What territory was carved out of the Northwest Territories on April 1, 1999?

The Northwest Territories is called the "Land of the Midnight Sun." Because it's so far north, daytime and nighttime can last much longer than you might be used to in other southern provinces. What do you think happens?

Photo credit: ra1000 on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

The Northwest Territories is home to the only free-range herd of reindeer in all of Canada.

This animal is as tall as a man's chest, can weigh up to 318 kilograms and the majority of the world's population live on Banks Island way up near the top of the Northwest Territories. Which animal is it?

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