Can you face Doctor Who monsters?

Do you know how to disable a Sontaran? Are you aware of the Weeping Angels’ key weakness? Take this quiz full of hypothetical scenarios, pitching you against the Doctor’s deadliest enemies, and see if you could survive!

You and your friends are cornered by a Dalek. You’ve only got one shot at defending yourselves. Which part of the Dalek should you target?

You’re being pursued by a pair of Weeping Angels, and your eyes are starting to water. You’ve not got much time. How do you permanently defeat them?

You’re being hunted by a Sontaran trooper. You’ve managed to hide, but it is stronger than you and will shoot you if you try to run. How do win?

You’re in a jewellery shop when the Cybermen start invading the Earth. You recognise this model of Cyberman. It’s allergic to a precious metal! Which one do you grab?

Oh no! You’re being chased by an Ice Warrior! What is their survival armour’s weakness?

You’re confused. Everything seems normal, but there’s a nagging sense that you’ve forgotten something. You look at your arm and see you’ve written ‘the Silence’. What do you do?

Mannequins are walking down the high street, killing people. That’s right, it’s another Auton invasion! What do you need to do?

Your neighbour turns out to be a member of the Slitheen crime family! They’re forcing their way into your home. What do you need to grab from the kitchen to best defend yourself?

You’re walking down the street when you’re confronted by both Azure and Swarm. What do you do?

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