The best of Vodacom now 2019

Here are the best, most popular and most interesting stories from the Vodacom now blog throughout 2019

The best camera phones of 2019

Here are three of the top camera phones for 2019, to ensure you have pics of a professional calibre wherever you are.

Stolen phone? Here's what to do

Here’s what you can do in the unfortunate case of your device or SIM card falling into the wrong hands and you can’t get it back.

Stream-worthy cooking shows on Showmax

Looking for culinary inspiration? Get your foodie fix with these shows and brandish your spatula with aplomb.

Which S10 is right for you?

Samsung launched their flagship Galaxy devices earlier this year, and we helped you decide which one to choose.

Facial recognition: What you need to know

Facial recognition is a system built to identify a person from an image or video, identifying facial and body features and translating them into a unique ID.

5 ways 5G will change the world

At the recent Vodacom Durban July, South Africa got a first-hand taste of what 5G means for the future. Here are more ways 5G will transform our world.

The exciting world of robotics

We chatted to Vodacom's Executive Head of Robotics Processing and Automation, about the future.

Which Star Wars villain is your boss?

For Star Wars day (May the 4th), we created this quiz to see who your boss most resembles in the Star Wars universe.

IoT trends fuelling vehicles of the future

We look at how the Internet of Things will power the vehicles of the future, highlighting technology trends set to transform the driving experience.