NEW Shapes Fully Loaded subrange boasts off the scale flavour and crunch.

Available in four flavours Including: Ultimate Cheese, Sizzling Meatlovers, Flame Grilled Chicken and Epic Garlic Bread.

Brace yourselves. The new Shapes Fully Loaded range is bursting with flavour, and will satisfy all your flavour and crunch needs!

Packing the biggest crunch in the snack aisle* Shapes Fully Loaded certainly lives up to their name – but don’t take our word for it, we did the test to prove it!

Sizzling Meatlovers

Shapes Fully Loaded Sizzling Meatlovers is sure to satisfy your cravings, offering a meaty mouthful of off the scale crunch and flavour!

Flame Grilled Chicken

Heat it up with Shapes Fully Loaded Flame Grilled Chicken. It's flavour that packs a punch on a biscuit that has off the scale crunch!

Ultimate Cheese

Cheese lovers don't fear. We have you covered! Shapes Fully Loaded Ultimate Cheese takes cheese flavoured biscuits to a whole new level!

Epic Garlic Bread

Shapes Fully Loaded Garlic Bread… but make it EPIC! Delivering flavour and crunch to EPIC proportions, exclusive at Coles.

Shapes was so confident about the massive crunch in its Fully Loaded range that we took a heap of snacks into a soundproof recording studio to measure how loudly each one crunches. The results* speak for themselves:

Shapes Fully Loaded - 87.25 decibels
CC's Corn Chips - 86 decibels
Doritos Corn Chips - 83.25 decibels
Doritos 3D - 82.5 decibels
Smiths Original Crinkle Potato Chips - 81.25 decibels
Burger Rings - 81 decibels
Red Rock Deli Style Crackers - 80 decibels
Cheezels - 78.75 decibels
Sunbites Snack Crackers - 78.25 decibels
Ritz Cracker Bites - 77 decibels
Twisties - 75 decibels
In a Biskit - 71 decibels
Natural Cracker Co Crispy Crackers - 69.5 decibels

*The crunch test was conducted on 6 July 2022 in a soundproof recording studio with oversight from a professional sound engineer. Four crunch audio samples were recorded for each product and an average decibel level was determined. All crunches occurred with a standard 8cm distance from mouth to microphone. All brands names noted are the property of their respective owners.