Read the sentence, then choose your answer.

Don't worry if you get some answers wrong, you'll learn a lot of pirate sayings along the way!

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What does avast mean?

"Avast ye, scallywags. You're making too much noise!"

What does jack mean?

"Fly the jack at the front of the ship."

What does doubloons mean?

"Keep away from these doubloons. They're all mine."

What does sail ho mean?

"Sail ho! Prepare for battle!"

What does lubber mean?

"This lubber needs some pirate lessons."

What does lily-livered mean?

"Stop being so lily-livered and ready the cannons!"

What does cog mean?

"Cog straight ahead. Clear the decks."

What does scupper mean?

"Scupper that! I need to prepare the sails."

What does cackle fruit mean?

"I'm hungry. Pass the cackle fruit."

What does hang the jib mean?

"This is no time to hang the jib. We have work to do."

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