Tapping into the Passion of Our People

Curious, empowered, inclusive and progress over perfection—we celebrate the innovative successes, experiments and failures guided by these Coca-Cola leaders and their teams. Projects they led challenge the status quo, build capabilities and help drive our long‑term growth.

"Our Innovation Awards celebrate all of these behaviors in action and how we will win in our journey to become a total beverage company."

James Quincey,
President & Chief Executive Officer


By executing a coordinated product introduction bundle, focused on recipe, packaging, price points, sampling, point-of-sale and more, Bargagna and team successfully expanded global adoption of
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which was recognized with an Innovations Success award.


For her team’s launch of Coca-Cola Plus in Japan, Kobayashi received an Innovation Experiments award. The first Coca-Cola product approved by the Japanese government as a Food of Specified Health Use (FOSHU).


Challenged to develop an affordable, sparkling soft drink package with a long shelf life, Pearson and team pushed technical limitations and increased their consumer-centric focus, arriving at the Affordable Small Sparkling Package (ASSP), and earning an Innovations Success award.


A long-term growth opportunity unlocked when Vaidya and team entered Barista Bros. into the dairy category in Australia. The iced coffee’s differentiated brand grew ahead of the market leader, deserving an Innovations Success award.


When Ali and team’s Sprite 3G® failed to overtake Pakistan’s biggest brand, they applied learnings to launch a new competitor. This embraced “test and learn” approach qualified Ali and team for a Celebrate Failure award.


Vinculado and team led Coca-Cola Zero Sugar’s successful launch across 14 Western European markets in less than 12 months. By learning from and perfecting deployments, the team clinched an Innovations Success award.


Arslan accepted an Innovations Success award for his team’s transformation of Coke Studio into our largest digital asset, with viewership in 183 countries and more than 1 billion views. They did so by creating a music platform uniting Pakistanis and audiences beyond.

Innovation Award Winners