Get ready for Reconnect Week 2022!

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All around the world during Reconnect Week on 3-9 October, Rotarians and alumni will gather online and in person to share their experiences, network with each other, and exchange ideas for staying involved in Rotary. This is the week that we recognize the value our alumni bring to our organization and when we do wall we can to engage alumni with Rotary. Look at some of the posts below to inspire your next event to welcome your local alumni back to Rotary. Then post your own projects and events to inspire others to take part in Reconnect Week.

Celebrate Rotary Alumni!


During this celebration, Rotary invites former Rotaractors, Interactors, Rotary Peace Fellows, Rotary Scholars, Youth Exchange students, and other Rotary program alumni to renew their connection to Rotary.

Past program participants who have lost their active connection to Rotary can refresh their ties by visiting club meetings, helping with projects, and engaging online. By doing so, they can experience again how Rotary reshapes lives locally and globally.


Ideas for Reconnect Week events and how you can take part


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Want to join the festivities of Reconnect Week, but not sure where to start?
Here are a few concrete ways you can take action to celebrate #ROTARYRECONNECT.


  • Organize a service project that involves local alumni sometime during Reconnect Week 4-10 October, 2021, or near those dates
  • Provide an opportunity to do a joint service project with an alumni association
  • Plan a Rotary Foundation fundraiser and invite alumni to contribute for an Alumni Day of Giving.


  • Host a Reconnect Week event that welcomes alumni and Rotarians to interact with each other like a dinner or gathering
  • Invite an alum out to coffee to catch up
  • Ask alumni to speak at your next club meeting or district conference
  • Organize an informational session about your club for alumni to learn more about Rotary


  • Host an online party with alumni using a video conferencing tool like Skype or Zoom
  • Recognize the achievements of alumni from your club or district and share their story
  • Invite alumni to share “how Rotary has influenced me” in a 30 second clip on social media about their experience and how it has impacted them
  • Use the #ROTARYRECONNECT hashtag on social media to tag all of your posts about Rotary alumni leading up to and during your event

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Share about Reconnect Week events!

Download the Reconnect Week graphics to share information about your events and projects.

Who are Rotary alumni?

Anyone who has participated in a Rotary-sponsored program are considered alumni of Rotary. That includes programs such as Rotaract, Interact, Youth Exchange, Group Study Exchange, scholarships, Rotary Peace Fellowships, and many more international and regional programs.

Why reconnect with Rotary?

Rotary International offers many ways to get involved that will allow you to contribute to area and international service projects, network with professionals in your community, and contribute to the causes you are most passionate about.

Find out more about the opportunities in your local community by contacting a local Rotary or Rotaract club using the Rotary Club Finder. This gives you the ability to reach out to members of Rotary nearest you to discover how you can start contributing to your community. You can always email and ask the Alumni Relations team to help you find fellow alumni to collaborate with and share about your common experience.

What other ways can I connect?

Rotary has many options available to alumni beyond their programs. Take a look at some of the best opportunities Rotary has to offer:

Subscribe to some of Rotary's newsletters – Learn about the latest stories featuring fellow Rotary alumni.
Join a Rotary Alumni Association – Connect with fellow alumni from all continents, cultures, and occupations. Email for more information.
Apply for a Rotary Peace Fellowship – Apply to study in one of Rotary’s Peace Centers to develop skills related to peace and conflict resolution.
Join a Rotary Action Group – Join experts in a specific field, such as water and sanitation or literacy, to contribute to Rotary service projects worldwide.
Apply for a Rotary scholarship – Apply for a scholarship with a local Rotary club to learn about a subject related to one of Rotary’s seven causes.

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