Hey Foodies, Stuffed is back for season 2! Ife, Farai, and Columbus are 3 friends who really love to eat. This year they’re trying something new: foraging, fishing, and farming to make a fun meal with the freshest local ingredients.

Ready? Let's. Get. Stuffed!

Episode 1: Farai on the Farm

Farai heads to Lester’s Farm in St. John’s to pick the freshest veggies for making the most delicious salad at home!

Episode 3: Columbus in the woods

Columbus stops and smells (and picks) the roses, and other edible treats that can be found right in your own backyard.

Episode 2: Ife on the Water

Here fishy, fishy. Ife grabs her fishing rod and heads on her first-ever cod-catching adventure.

Episode 4: Bringing it all together

Ife, Farai and Columbus come together to make an amazing meal out of their fresh local ingredients.

Season One

Episode 1: It's burger time

From the topping combinations to the condiments to the softness of the bun... there's a lot to discuss about burgers. In this episode, Ife, Columbus and Farai head to Bernard Stanley Gastropub, Johnny & Maes and Yellowbelly Brewery for burgers.

Episode 3: Hooked on fish & chips

Freshly caught cod cooked in a golden batter and nestled in a pile of homemade fries — what could be more beautiful? This week, Ife, Farai and Columbus are on the hunt for the tastiest fish & chips. They try the catch of the day at Duke of Duckworth, Quidi Vidi Fish and Chips and Chafe's Landing.

Episode 2: Pizza, please!

Best served with friends, pizza gives us everything we need; a sense of comfort, fine flavours, melted cheese and let’s not forget, you can also eat it for breakfast. Ife, Columbus and Farai head to Pi, Piatto and EVOO to explore delicious pizza options in St. John's.

Episode 4: Cool treats

Ife, Farai and Columbus keep things cool this week as they try to find the best frozen treat in St. John's. They head to Newfoundland Chocolate Company, The Parlour and Sugar Mama's to try gelato and ice-cream.

About Stuffed

Stuffed is a CBC N.L. series hosted by three friends Ife Alaba, Columbus Guyo and Farai Gwasira. Each episode, our hosts try the same style of dish at three different places and then they vote for their favourite.

Warning: watching Stuffed will make you feel hungry.

Stuffed is produced by Amy Joy and Katie Rowe and shot and edited by Mike Simms.

Stuffed hosts Columbus, Ife and Farai


My name is Columbus but my friends call me Coco. I was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. I am a student at Memorial University. My love and passion for food started from cooking our fresh catches on my father and son fishing trips in the majestic Zambezi in southern Africa. I have always had a curious palette, so I am keen trying out new recipes and crazes in the food world. For me food has never has never been about just the taste, but it's been about the relationships and conversations we share over a meal with the ones we love the most.


I am a student, musician and a lover of food and adventure. I’ve been spending my time lately studying, working on my music and working on a few secret projects. I was born in Nigeria and I grew up in South Africa. I am studying psychology and doing a minor in music at Memorial University.


My name is Farai Gwasira (aka King Sway or just Sway) and I am a Zimbabwean musician. I love to make puns and spend time with friends. I’m a fourth year business student so if not studying then I’m usually with friends or making music.

Meet the Hosts Q&A

Favorite meal?

Columbus: Oxtail.

Ife: I love crab and anything seafood...well, almost anything (see below).

Farai: Mac & Cheese.

Pie or Cake?

Columbus: Cake. The only pie I recognize are meat pies.

Ife: Cake, I love caramel ... put that on anything and I’m hooked!

Farai: Pie (only if there’s meat in it, otherwise it’s cake).

Sweet or salty?

Columbus: Salty.

Ife: Sweet but not too sweet.

Farai: Sweet. I’m pretty sure my dentist would agree.

Fave condiment?

Columbus: I don't add condiments because I feel it alters the taste of the food dramatically. But if I had to pair my McDonald's with something, it would be ketchup.

Ife: Chili flakes. I need that spice in my life.

Farai: Garlic aioli.

Food you hate?

Columbus: Raw spinach (sorry Popeye).

Ife:Oysters, risotto.

Farai: Liver and spinach.

Best dining experience you’ve ever had?

Ife: For my 18th birthday, my family and I went to a resort called Goudini in Cape Town, South Africa. We had an amazing home cooked meal outside. You could see the mountains as well as wildlife around us.

Farai: It’s hard to choose but I think it would be a dinner I went to with my family back in Zimbabwe. I always compare current dining experiences to that meal.