I’m the kind of stick you may need to get here and there, especially if your knees need some repair. Just don’t take me in the woods, there I’d be no good! I’m a:

Hiking poles
A cane

Night on the town? This stick’s not just for clowns! It’s got colour, you see — speaking of which, how does this one look on me? I’m a:

red lipstick
lip balm

Expecto patronum! I hear conjuring a Patronus is plum fun! But without this stick, you might as well be casting spells with a candle wick. I’m a:

magic wand
unicorn horn

Turn it up! Turn it down! Where’s that thing? Pass it ‘round! It’s the stick you use to point and control — wait, why’d you change the channel? I was on a roll! I’m a:

game controller
TV remote

Something to save? Here’s the gadget you’ll crave! Don’t let their size fool you, these small sticks are great school tools. I’m a:

USB stick

It takes some skill to eat with these, but once you’ve got it, the moves are a breeze! Made from wood, steel and so much more; they keep your food from hitting the floor! I’m a:

Fruit skewers

Dust be gone! Here’s the stick to count on. But if it’s a drink you’ve spilled, the bristles might leave you unfulfilled. I’m a:


Hear that tune? This kind of stick makes better music than spoons! For a rat-a-tat-tat you might hit the shiny round hat — but don’t ask me, I’ve got no music degree! I’m a:

conductor's baton

When there's heat, it calls for a cool treat! There’s pink and there’s green — but whichever you pick, don’t forget the sunscreen! I’m a:


Now to the ice, but you can also play this when it’s nice. To use this stick takes hand-eye coordination. And no sport’s complete without hydration! I’m a:

golf club
hockey stick
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