5 Years Of Bluey Super-Fan Quiz!

Ready to celebrate 5 years of Bluey? Well, put on your seatbelts and jump into these roller-coasting questions with the Heelers.

Q1. In the episode, ‘Muffin Cone’, What can’t Aunt Trixie stop herself from eating?

Q2. In the episode ‘Postman’, what does Bluey say Mum and Dad are doing in the kitchen?

Q3. What is the name of the Australian musician who provides the voice of Bluey and Bingo’s Dad, Bandit?

Q4. In the episode ‘BBQ’, How many times does Bingo knock over her Dad’s drink whilst she is making her salads?

Q5. In the episode ‘Housework’, what animal does Bluey imitate with an unusual noise?

Q6. In the episode ‘Pizza Girls’, what does Dad order as a side to his supreme Pizza?

Q7. In the episode ‘Turtleboy’, how long does it take Bingo and Turtleboy to complete the playground obstacle course?

Q8. In the episode ‘Camping’, which wild animal (played by Bandit) disturbs Bluey and Jean Luc near the river?

Q9. In the episode ‘Musical Statues’, where is Bandit going before Chili stops him?

Q10. In the episode named ‘Seesaw’, what does Chilli feed Bandit to make him even heavier?

Q11. In the episode ‘Sleepytime’, Which planet do Bluey, Bingo and floppy jump on together?

Q12. In the episode ‘Ragdoll’, where does Bingo say money comes from?

Q13. In the episode ‘Takeaway’, What made Bandit change his mind and let Bluey and Bingo play under the tap?

Q14. In the episode ‘Escape’, How many rockets power Bluey and Bingo’s dreamhouse?

Q15. In the episode ‘Barky Boats’, who does Bluey ask Mia to write a letter to?

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