Digital transformation

How are you planning on taking your business into the future?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here - and it's changing the face of business in the mining and manufacturing industries. Riding the digital wave means embracing the opportunities, capabilities and challenges it brings.

In order to compete in a digital age, a business must adopt digital transformation. On an upward scale to success, where does your business stand? Take our quiz to find out.

Q1. Which of the following digital trends and their applications do you think are slated to take business into the future?

Q2. Does your business have a clear digital transformation strategy in place?

Q3. When it comes to data storage and management, our processes can be best described as:

Q4. How connected are your people, systems, logistics, production, maintenance and other departments?

Q5. What would a customer with a cellphone be able to do in terms of your company, product and services?

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