Ask, And You Shall Receive

How can you unlock the power of personalization in your cross-channel campaigns, and future proof your CRM strategy? The answers have been right in front of you all this time.

Sailthru Experiences connects the dots and helps you transform your relationship marketing strategy with the ability to easily create, launch, and deliver two-way campaigns.

Open up a dialogue with your audience by providing a value exchange in the form of interactive campaign elements and, in the process, directly ASK them relevant questions about their preferences when interacting with your brand(s).

This reciprocal transfer embraces more human connections and provides all the appropriate information you’ll need to tailor your messaging moving forward.

You’re actually experiencing an Experience right now! This page was whipped up by our Marketing team.

Experiences With Benefits

Build out newsletter subscriptions and enrich email lists

Better understand, and match, audience preferences

Earn more from your advertising partners by offering more

Why Is This Important

Know Your Customer

Taking the time to engage with and better know your audience means nurturing deeper relationships. Reach your audience members at the right time, in the right place, with the perfect content for them. More personalized messaging brings better results.

Create A Value Exchange

Turn your marketing efforts into two-way interactions sharing engaging experiences that prompt audience participation and engagement.

Enrich Your Owned Database

Enrich and dynamically update your customer profiles through the power of zero-party data, such as purchase intent and psychographic info. We’ll help you reach your full audience with a truly personal 1:1 touch.

Many experience types are available to help you hit your KPIs.

It’s all about the value exchange between you and your audience, which can come in various forms. Here are two you could and should be running today.

In both examples consider the questions you’re asking, with all responses planned for and actioned in your subsequent cross-channel strategy. This is just the tip of the iceberg - get in touch to see more experience options.

Product Picker Quizzes

A highly engaging and entertaining way to collect valuable data and learn more about your audience's preferences: it’s the perfect example of a non-monetary value exchange - with individuals happy to engage in return for insight into their choices and a simple recommendation.

The shareable result on quiz completion reflects the choices they made and entices others to participate.


- Collect explicit preferences & purchase intentions
- Collect marketing newsletter opt-ins
- Earn more from your advertising partners and sponsors by offering enhanced interactivity

Customer Value Exchange:

- Chance to win a prize
- Access to an exclusive experience or content
- Convert offline interactions online

Average Success Metrics:



A classic subscriber and brand favorite! Dangle the prize carrot to incentivize completing an entry form collecting personal data, plus the all-important single or multi-opt-in.

There’s even a winner-selection tool to complete the giveaway process.


- Grow first- & zero-party database
- Collect marketing newsletter opt-ins for your brands, partners and sponsors
- Enhance profiles with progressive profiling

Customer Value Exchange:

- Chance to win a prize
- Access to an exclusive experience or content
- Engagement with brand and relevant partners

Average Success Metrics:


“86% of consumers will trade personal and preference data with a brand for early or exclusive access”

eConsultancy Digital Consumer Trends Index 2022

Pro Tips

Take an evergreen approach.

Run regular Sailthru Experiences as part of an always-on strategy. Individuals are ever-changing - ensure you are delivering engaging, highly personalized content based on their latest preferences.

Have a well-paced data strategy.

Demonstrate patience, and think long-term. Over time what can you offer, through a series of experiences, to build up a rounded user profile?

Get creative!

The templates are your blank canvas - your tabula rasa if you will. Take these templates and go wild, creating your own unique experiences for your audience. Timely polls, big-ticket sponsor giveaways, personality quizzes, UGC contests, and much more.

How It Works

Step 1

Select a template and quickly build out your Sailthru Experience. Fully integrated, with data flowing into the Sailthru Profile.

Step 2

Create your Sailthru email campaign and link directly to your Experience via text and buttons.

Step 3

Gather submissions from the email and all other destinations into one single view of the customer, growing your owned database with new customers and enriching existing profiles.

Step 4

Action the insights earned to further personalize your cross-channel marketing.

Package Perks

Build out experiences that connect directly to your Sailthru instance

Seamless data passing enables enhanced email personalization

Quickly scale and launch Sailthru Experiences across your audience base

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Many of our clients have already been reaping the rewards of this data-driven approach to their cross channel marketing strategy.

Meredith Corp

Learn how Meredith strategically collects the right data at the right time to retain its members and promote other relevant brands.

Discovery Channel

See how Discovery captures millions of new data records, including partner opt-ins, with their annual Dream Home Giveaway.

“With Experiences we're able to deliver campaigns at a fraction of the time and cost. We were able to deliver 10,000 campaigns over the last four years in a way that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible”

Digital Marketing Director, Bauer Media

Captured your attention? We’d love to chat with you and discuss how Sailthru Experiences can help transform your relationship marketing strategy.

Reach your audience members at the right time, in the right place, with the perfect content for them.

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