Reading In a Winter Wonderland

Looking to curl up with a good book this winter? Tell us about your reading habits and we'll recommend an un-brr-lievably good book to cozy up with.

1. In which season do you do the most reading?


2. Do you like to hear sounds while you read?

I love music playing
I can read with any noise
Only if it's quiet
I love music playing

3. Which bad habit are you guilty of?

Makeshift bookmarks
Losing dust jackets
Going overboard on book buying
Liking the movie better than the book

4. How do you feel about lending out your books?

5. What do you like most in a book?

6. Where is your favorite place to read?

Cozy in bed
Sprawled out on the couch
Lounging outside
Sitting in a coffee shop
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