1. This curly mop is a former Blues captain, but helped the Bruins reach the Stanley Cup Final in 2019

2. Don't recognize this 'Wild' child? Imagine a glorious beard, perhaps a man bun ... and fewer teeth for this D-man with great FIN-ishing moves

3. Good chance this goalie's hair still uses the same amount of product he did 22 years ago

4. This hair was so young & fresh, plus it was 658 goals and one epic Stanley Cup championship ago

5. Has any player pulled off the mullet better than this legend of hair and hockey?

6. This broadcaster and podcaster is more well known for his nickname than the name that was announced when the Penguins took him in 2003

7. He's from a family of NHL players, including his father who scored over 500 goals and an older brother flashing skill and brawn in Calgary

8. That beautiful head of hair hasn't changed much since he was drafted 19 years ago in the 7th round

9. Another member of hockey family royalty, this blonde bomber has a pair of Stanley Cup titles

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