Fall in Love with Your Next Read

Tell us about your perfect fall day and we’ll pick the next book you’ll FALL in love with!

1. What's your ideal fall weather?

Cool and overcast
A little rainy
Eerie and foggy
Sun's out, shades on

2. What's your fall day attire?

All denim, all the time
Flannel forever
Dress to impress
Sweater weather

3. What are you sipping on?

Hot apple cider
A pumpkin spice latté
Some chai tea
Classic coffee

4. Where are you spending your perfect fall day?

By the water
Cozied up at home
Exploring the woods
In the city

5. What are you looking forward to doing most?

Snuggling up
Apple picking
Pumpkin carving

6. Who are you spending your day with?

With my partner
With my fur babies
With my friends & family
With me, myself & I

7. What sweet treat are you falling for?

A caramel apple
A slice of pumpkin pie
A piece of carrot cake
A donut

8. How are you spending your perfect fall evening?

A quiet walk
Curling up with a good book
Relaxing by the fire
A spooky movie marathon
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