The best of March

From fashion of the future to bionic bodies, all the best stories from March on Vodacom now! The future is exciting! Ready?

Bionic Bodies

Our environment is increasingly wired, sensor-filled, and digitally connected in the 21st century—and so are we.

Space Race 2.0

Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans to put the first people on Mars in 2024. Ami Kapilevich asks a simple question: why?

Clothing that thinks

Wearable tech, smart fabrics, 3-D printed jeans from the comfort of your own home. All this and more is predicted for your 2030 wardrobe, but is it realistic?

Smartphones of tomorrow

From foldable screens to solar charging and augmented hearing, we look ahead to some of the amazing innovations that are likely to shape the smartphone of the future.