How much do you know about King Charles III?

Test your knowledge of the UK's new monarch

Formerly the Prince of Wales, King Charles III acceded to the throne on 8 September 2022. We've collected some interesting facts about the King. See how many you know by taking the quiz!

Q1. Where was King Charles III’s first official visit abroad?

Q2. Which subject did King Charles study at the University of Cambridge?

Q3. What is King Charles’ favourite type of tea?

Q4. Which soap did King Charles make a cameo appearance on in 2000?

Q5. In what year did King Charles III found the Prince’s Trust?

Q6. Which supermarket sells Duchy Originals?

Q7. What’s the name of the town King Charles III helped to design?

Q8. What material from King Charles’ Highgrove estate was used by sustainable fashion designers Vin + Omi to make clothes for London Fashion Week in 2019?

Q9. Which instrument can King Charles III play?

Q10. Which Shakespeare play did King Charles III quote in his first address to the nation?

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