How well do you know Birmingham?

Test your knowledge of our great city via our quiz!

This is known as The Bull, but what's its real name?

This intersection, nicknamed Spaghetti Junction for its unique, pasta-like appearance, is actually called what?

Hilariously named, Floozie in the Jacuzzi, is an iconic monument officially called what?

Pigeon Park is beautiful on a sunny day but full of pigeons, as its nickname states. What is this place is actually called?

The Ramp, which begins where New Street and Corporation Street meet, is officially called what?

On the A452 roundabout sits Spitfire Island. What is the actual name of this monument?

A trip to Crown Court isn't highly anticipated, but what is this court actually called?

Dating back to the Victorian Era, this prison is well known as Winson Green Prison, but it's actually called what?

Pagoda Island, a 40-foot Chinese landmark in Birmingham, is actually called what?

What's the official name of Ironman, situated in Victoria Square?

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